Science Play Activity: Air Pressure

Me and my partner presented our activity in class. The topic that we had was Air pressure! I began the presentation by talking about what air pressure was and reviewing terms that would help the students connect with the activity better. Next, me and my partner asked for a few volunteers to help us demonstrate our activity.

We started by giving 3 of our classmates water bottles with tops on them. We instructed them to squeeze the bottle to see if they could crush them. They weren’t able to crush them so we had them take the tops off and squeeze the bottles. They were able to crush the bottles with the tops off so then we reviewed air pressure again and explained why they were not able to crush the bottles with the tops on but with the tops off, they were able to crush them. We them moved on to the next part of our lesson to further explain air pressure.

After going over air pressure and making sure our audience had a sound understanding of air pressure, we demonstrated a balloon and water bottle method of air pressure. We both had water bottles. One of our water bottles had a hole at the bottom and the other water bottle didn’t. We both blew inside the bottles, One of the balloons expanded in the bottle and the other balloon didn’t. We explained how the balloon that expanded was the water bottle that had the hole at the bottom and it was able to expand because the air had somewhere to escape to.

This was a great class assignment and it was neat to see everyone’s presentations!

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  1. Science is a fun topic to explore with children! You get to do lots of cool things with science but teach them at the same time. They seemed to have learned something new from this presentation and i also learned new things an the meaning behind air pressure! Always fun to learn and explore!

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