About Me

Andrea is a student currently studying to be an Early Childhood Teacher. She has much experience in the field as she has many siblings that she’s helped care for including ones with special needs. She has her associate degree and is currently working on her Bachelors.

Andrea is driven and has a true passion for teaching and caring for others. She is eager to be a teacher as she is coming to the end of her program. She also has a passion for hair. Andrea is also a licensed cosmetologist. She has a passion for making people feel and look amazing. In both of her career paths, she constantly strives for greatness and to be the best she can possibly be at everything she does.

Her desire for understanding and knowledge keeps her going. She is always open to advise that could aid in her being a better individual. She always finds a way to make her career more exciting whether it’s coming up with new styles, giving to those in need or offering assistance and a helping hand where she is needed. Andrea believes that to be in the career of helping others, you truly must have a passion for it.

Andrea is currently in school working towards her degree but constantly trying to lend a helping hand and extent herself to gain as much experience as possible in both fields. She is natural born nurturer and hopes to share a piece of her world with you all!